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Abbie Gale

Crafter, Entrepreneur and Author

Abbie Gale is an adventurous 6-year-old and ​passionate craft lover. When she's not crafting, ​Abbie enjoys playing, reading, and traveling. ​Through her crafting and travel, Abbie aspires ​to inspire children everywhere to dream big, ​be fearless, and embrace the endless ​possibilities the world has to offer.

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Let's collaborate!

Abbie is happy to collaborate with brands that she ​loves. Anyone can reach out about an opportunity to ​work with us, Abbie has the final decision. We try to ​intentionally choose partners that are relatable to ​Abbie or products that she is genuinely excited to ​review.

A collaboration with Abbie gives you the opportunity ​to introduce your product or service to our audience ​in an organic way that will be fun for us while also ​interesting for our audience. We always strive to ​share a brand’s message as recommended within our ​partnership, but also set the expectation that Abbie’s ​creative freedom will always come first.

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